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Q & A Paul Greengrass on October 14

14 Oct 2010
The British director Paul Greengrass will be receiving a Joseph Plateau Award for career achievement at the Ghent Film Festival. Audiences are most familiar with Greengrass as director of the last two Bourne films and the recent Green Zone, about the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This is in the same line as his previous films, including United 93, Omagh and Bloody Sunday. They are all films that make no attempt to avoid criticism and they are always politically or socially conscious. During the Q & A on October 14th at 14.00 he will be subjected to critical questions by Knack Focus editor-in-chief, Patrick Duynslaegher.
Anyone with press accreditation is entitled to one free ticket for the Q & A. Tickets can be collected from Monday, October 11th from the Press & Industry Office in the Fantasiazaal in the downstairs foyer of Kinepolis. 11 October between 5pm and 8pm. 12 October between 5pm and 6pm. 13 October and 14 October between 9.30am and 11pm.

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