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Pedro Costa's 'As Filhas do Fogo'

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News 14 Feb 2024
Film Fest Gent and Courtisane festival once again join forces and present the stage production As Filhas do Fogo (The Daughters of Fire). Created by filmmaker Pedro Costa and Portuguese music ensemble Os Músicos do Tejo, this symbiosis of music, song and image tells the story of the Cape Verdean people and their search for a better life. Music and film lovers will be able to experience Costa's first musical stage production during the Courtisane festival on 28 March 2024 in the Minard Theatre, Ghent.

This occasion marks the second time Pedro Costa brings Film Fest Gent and Courtisane festival together. In 2020 they invited the Portuguese director to Ghent for his hypnotic and heartbreaking study of mourning, Vitalina Varela. Since 1997, Costa's work has mainly taken a unique look at the impoverished and now parcelled-out Fontainhas district, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lisbon where many migrants from Cape Verde lived. With Vitalina Varela and now As Filhas do Fogo (The Daughters of Fire) he gives a voice to Cape Verde and its people.

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Bearing the same name as his short film, which was screened at Film Fest Gent in 2023, Portuguese director Pedro Costa’s deep-rooted desire to work with music and song has resulted in this wondrous musical stage production, created in close collaboration with baroque music ensemble Os Músicos do Tejo. The Daughters of Fire follows the saga of three young Cape Verdean sisters who arrive in a foreign European port fleeing yet another devastating eruption of the Fogo volcano. In this unknown country, they wander, hand in hand, evoking their secret fears through music and song. This stage production laid the groundwork for a series of films that Pedro Costa is currently developing.

As Filhas do Fogo (The Daughters of Fire) will be performed twice on 28 March 2024 in the Minard Theatre during Courtisane festival.

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