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'Over Water' first title of the 45th Film Fest Gent

Over water
News 03 May 2018
The very first title of the 45th Film Fest Gent has been announced. The series 'Over Water' by Paul Baeten Gronda, Tom Lenaerts & Norman Bates takes place in the renowned city and the port of Antwerp. The festival will screen the first two episodes in the section 'Serial Madness'.

'Over Water' follows John Beckers (Tom Dewispelaere) who gains one last chance from his wife Marjan (Natali Broods) and their two children to get his life back on track. After a visit to rehab, John starts his new job at the freight company of his father-in-law. The port of Antwerp is a whole new world for the former TV star. It’s a harsh environment, but also one with its own rules and traditions. John fights his old demons as well as new temptations, but quickly enters a dangerous arena but also a very lucrative trade of the docks: cocaine. John Beckers came to work at the port, but finds increasingly extreme ways to make the port work for him.

"It's fantastic to be selected, we have worked very hard on the series, and it's great for the whole team when those efforts are rewarded so beautifully." (Tom Lenaerts)

Take a look at the trailer here.

'Over Water' will be aired on Eén in winter, but the international trailer was presented today at the French television festival 'Séries Mania'. In the trailer we also hear a preview of the newest single of young musical sensation Tamino. Creators and screenwriters of 'Over Water' are Tom Lenaerts & Paul Baeten Gronda. The series is produced Kato Maes and directed by Norman Bates, the remarkable fiction debutants and directors duo Dirk Verheye and Inti Calfat. The main cast consists of Tom Dewispelaere, Tom Van Dyck, Natali Broods, Ruth Becquart, Kevin Janssens and Jeroen Perceval.

The entire program of the film festival will be released in September. The 45th Film Fest Gent will run from October 9 to 19 in Kinepolis Ghent, Studio Skoop, Sphinx, Vooruit, KASKcinema and Capitole Ghent.

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