OPEN CALL: ESA New Worlds Film Competition

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News 10 Mar 2021
The European Space Agency (ESA) invites screenwriters to submit proposals for short films about European space exploration. So if you have an idea for e.g. an animation film set on the moons of Mars, a documentary about the ExoMars rover or a coming-of-age film about a Martian girl who travels back to Earth to discover her roots, then submit your idea!

3 categories

The competition is split into 3 categories: animation, documentary and fiction. Applicants can only submit in 1 category.


12 finalists (4 in each of the 3 categories) will each receive access to ESA experts and €5,000 development aid. The 3 final winners (1 in each of the 3 categories) will receive production aid.

The participating festivals are AFO International Festival of Science Documentary Films, Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Kaboom Animation Festial 2021 with Anima 2021, Docville International Documentary Film Festival 2021 and Film Fest Ghent 2021.

The deadline for submissions (fiction) for Film Fest Ghent 2021 is 31 July 2021.

More information

All information is available on

Need inspiration? Take a look at the media kits for Moon or Mars. Or explore the ESA Human & Robotic Exploration-programme!