Nicolas Karakatsanis wins Jo Röpcke Award 2012

14 Oct 2012
Nicolas Karakatsanis has won the Jo Röpcke Award 2012. The prize, named after the legendary film critic Jo Röpcke, is awarded annually by the magazine Knack Focus during the Ghent Film Festival and goes to a man or a woman who made a remarkable contribution to the success of the Flemish cinema.
Karakatsanis is a cameraman who worked as 'director of photography' for a.o. 'Linkeroever' by Pieter Van Hees, 'Rundskop' by Michaël Roslam and the American remake of 'Loft' by Erik Van Looy. The Jo Röpcke Award exists since 2008 and has already been awarded to film makers Fien Troch, Felix van Groeningen, Gust Van den Berghe and Nicolas Provost. it's the first time a cameraman is awarded and that's a statement, says Dave Mestdach, film critic with the magazine Knack Focus. 'A film is a group effort, but often, when it's released in cinema, most of the attention goes to the director and his cast. The bloom of Flemish cinema these past couple of years is however also due to the group of talented people working in their shadows. Like Nicolas, who leaves his mark on every film he ever worked for thanks to his own, unique style.' Karakatsanis is very honoured with the prize, but at the same time surprised, he says, 'I have the feeling my career has not even yet begun.' The presentation of the Jo Röpcke Award took place during the annual Knack Focus Day in Ghent. Karakatsanis couldn't be present since he's recording a new film in the United States. Director Pieter Van Hees, who will be working with Karakatsanis again very soon, received the award in his place.