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Matthias Schoenaerts Closes 46th Film Fest Gent with 'The Mustang'

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Tips 16 Sep 2019
On Friday, the 18th of October, Film Fest Gent will screen ‘The Mustang’, directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre and starring Belgian favourite Matthias Schoenaerts, as its closing film.

‘The Mustang’ is a tale of a man and his horse. Matthias Schoenaerts plays a troubled convict, Roman Coleman, who is detained at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. He is prone to violence and resists every effort to be reintegrated into society. To diffuse his erratic temper, the convict is placed in a rehabilitation program. Here, each prisoner gets challenged to train a wild Mustang in five weeks' time. Soon, man and horse recognize themselves in one another, paving the way for a tender drama about guilt and the process of healing.
Director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre took inspiration from an existing programme in the US, in which detainees train wild horses for auctions.

The theme and cinematography of the film, as well as Schoenaerts' performance received praise at its premiere in the US. As Variety's Owen Gleibermann wrote: “'The Mustang' is a touching and original piece of bare-bones sentimental humanism, and Schoenaerts is terrific in it."
Starring in both national and international films, the Antwerpian star has proved himself to be one of Belgium's greatest actors and is a returning Film Fest Gent guest. He took his first steps on our red carpet at the age of 15, alongside his father, Julien Schoenaerts for the screening of 'Daens'. He returned when the short film 'Dood van een Schaduw' by Tom Van Avermaet was shown and last year, he was welcomed again, with director Thomas Vinterberg, to present their latest project 'Kursk'. This October, the actor will return to Ghent for 'The Mustang'.

The closing film is part of Film Fest Gent’s closing night and takes place on Friday, October 18.

'The Mustang' will be released in Belgian cinemas by Sony Pictures on the 23rd of October 2019.

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