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L'Enfant tops nominees for Belgian film awards.

19 Jan 2006
L'Enfant of Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne is together with Someone Else's Happiness of Fien Troch most likely to win a 2005 Joseph Plateau Award for Best Belgian Film. On Tuesday March 7th, the winners of the Belgian film awards will be anounced at the Arts Centre Vooruit in Ghent. Here are the nominees.
Best Belgian Film 2005 -L'Enfant (Luc et Jean-Pierre Dardenne) -Someone Else's Happiness (Fien Troch) -L' Enfant Endormi (Yasmine Kassari) Best Belgian Director 2005 -Luc et Jean-Pierre Dardenne (L'Enfant) -Bouli Lanners (Ultranova) -Fien Troch (Someone Else's Happiness) Best Belgian Actress 2005 -Marie Du Ble(Ultranova) -Deborah François (L'Enfant) -Karlijn Sileghem (Suspect) Best Belgian Actor 2005 -Koen De Bouw (The Intruder/Weekend) -Benoît Poelvoorde (Entre ses mains) -Jérémie Renier (L'Enfant) Best Belgian Screenplay 2005 -Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne (L'Enfant) -Harry Cleven (Trouble) -Fien Troch (Someone Else's Happiness) Best Belgian Composer 2005 -Jan Leyers (Buitenspel) -Casimir Liberski (Bunker Paradise) -Georges Van Dam (Vendredi Ou Un Autre Jour) Best Belgian Cinematographer -Benoît Debie (Calvaire) -Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd (Bunker Paradise/Ultranova) -Danny Elsen (The Wedding Party/Buitenspel/Vendredi Ou Un Autre Jour/Weekend) Best Belgian Short 2005 -Forever (Jonas Govaerts) -Love's Lost & Happiness (Lieven van Droogenbroeck) -The One Thing To Do (Michael R. Roskam) -The Sunflyers (Tim Mielants)

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