Ghent fest releases new film music CD series 'For the Record'

10 Sep 2007
For the Record: Craig Armstrong is the Ghent Film Festival's first album in a new series of film music CDs. The CD compiles the Scottish composer's best film music with recordings by the Flemish Radio Orchestra and Choir. The aim is to launch one album each year for a composer connected to the Ghent Film Festival.

The recordings are based on the highly acclaimed film music concert given by Craig Armstrong last year during the 33rd edition of the Ghent Film Festival. Public demand for a recording of this concert was very high, which is why the festival commissioned the Flemish Radio Orchestra and Choir to record the set from the concert this spring at Flagey Studio. The orchestra was conducted by Dirk Brossé. The recordings include music from Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Plunkett & MacLeane, The Quiet American, Best Laid Plans, The Bone Collector, The Clearing, Ray, Love Actually, WTC and Orphans, - thereby offering a complete overview of Craig Armstrong's oeuvre. For the Record: Craig Armstrong is the first in a new series of film music CDs to be issued by the Ghent Film Festival together with the Flemish Radio Orchestra. The aim is for at least one new recording to be brought onto the market per year, in order to promote film music qualitatively. Therefore, film music composers with a connection to the Ghent Film Festival - those that have attended the festival or had their music performed during the festival - will be selected. For the Record arose from the partnership between the Flemish Radio Orchestra and the Ghent Film Festival, and the festival's network of the most eminent film music composers in the world. The project is to be non-profit making, with proceeds going to UNICEF. The Ghent Film Festival is a partner of the organisation as part of 'Events for UNICEF'. This will not be the first time that the Ghent Film Festival and the Flemish Radio Orchestra have released a recording together. In 2000, the Ghent Film Festival released a film music CD with live recordings from a concert by Hans Zimmer which was also performed by the Flemish Radio Orchestra. Two years ago, the Flemish Radio Orchestra came into the spotlight as composer Howard Shore asked for a recording of Martin Scorsese's The Aviator - music that later won a Golden Globe. Both the Ghent Film Festival and the Flemish Radio Orchestra intend to release more film music recordings in the future. For the Record: Craig Armstrong can be obtained from festival sales points and via our festival shop.