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Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent presents MOVING MUSIC

17 Sep 2003
The book costs € 39.95 and will be available at FNAC and in all quality bookstores.

The Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent will publish the book Moving Music on September 25. The work contains some 20 interviews with renowned composers such as Ennio Morricone, Howard Shore, Elmer Bernstein and the late Georges Delerue, alongside a number of famous Belgian artists. The book is published by Lannoo and an English-language version will soon be available.

In order to make its 30th edition even more memorable, the Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent, in collaboration with publisher Lannoo, is to market a unique book, Moving Music, slightly less than one month before the start of the festival. In-depth coverage will be given to composers such as Stephen Warbeck and Nicola Piovani, who will be guests at this year's festival.

Who has never heard of the powerful opening music of Once Upon a Time in the West? What made Shakespeare in Love so poignant and Gladiator so impressive? In both cases, the soundtrack was without doubt a crucial element. But who are film composers, really? Where did Howard Shore find inspiration for Lord of the Rings? How was Nicola Piovani able to couple his creativity with the images in La vita è bella?

Several well-known Belgian and foreign film specialists and journalists travelled the world to interview the most renowned film composers in preparation for Moving Music. The book also features Belgian and Dutch composers. There are anecdotes as well as news items, together with insights into how film composers actually work.

The discussions are richly illustrated with familiar film material as well as unique images from the composers' private archives.

On the full CD which accompanies the book, you can listen to the excellent film music of Georges Delerue and George Fenton from films such as Anna and the King, You've Got Mail, Land and Freedom, Dangerous Liaisons, Jules et Jim and more.

The book costs € 39.95 and will be available at FNAC and in all quality bookstores. Moving Music will also be available at Flanders International Film Festival ticket offices during the festival.

Moving Music was created with the support of the East Flanders provincial authorities.

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