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Film Fest Ghent nominated for website awards

18 Oct 2013
Directors, actors, composers,... everyone is a winner at Film Fest Ghent, Belgium's very own Cannes by the Leie. But now, in a strange role reversal, the festival itself – more specifically the website filmfestival.be - is nominated for an Awwward, one of the highest awards in cyberspace.

A couple of months ago, we, at Lavagraphics, went to work using the brand new Film Fest Ghent house style - designed by De Blauwe Peer - and created an online platform for the festival visitor, slash, film freak. A website which will soon be considered and contemplated by a multidisciplinary and international jury of web experts and, who knows, receive an award.

As partner of Film Fest Ghent we are proud at being nominated.

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