FFG2020 strives for collective film experience, even in times of Covid-19

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News 15 May 2020
For several weeks now, we have all been living a different reality: we face an unprecedented health crisis, and we see the enormous damage it is causing worldwide. Film Fest Ghent empathizes with all those affected and hopes that the solidarity with those who are struggling and with those who are committed to the public interest will survive in post-corona times.

The film sector has also been particularly hard hit by the corona crisis. Cinemas are closed, film projects are on hold, talent is unemployed. Although the online (film) offer is large, we are all looking forward to state-of-the-art screenings, to the intensity of the collective film experience, to encounters with and between filmmakers, professionals, students and the public.

Five months from the festival, preparations for the 47th edition of Film Fest Gent are in full swing. Compiling our film program, thinking about its presentation, collaborating with our many partners: we must view every part of the upcoming festival with ingenuity and resilience and provide many scenarios. We must also celebrate the anniversary of our world-renowned film music awards - the World Soundtrack Awards will be celebrating its 20th edition this year - in this new, confusing reality. Everything looks different.

But now that we crave it, we are more convinced than ever that culture unites people. More than ever, we believe in the power of the immersive art form: film. More than ever, the value of festivals - for both the public and the film sector - is crystal clear.

That is why we do everything we can to present the upcoming program live, in safe conditions, as much as possible. If circumstances demand, we will supplement the limited capacity available in the cinemas with an online offer. But we do everything we can to receive you, our audience and our guests, in the real cinema.

The program will be unveiled in the coming weeks, and adjusted if necessary.

Follow along on www.filmfestival.be.

The Film Fest Ghent-team

Marijke Vandebuerie - Managing Director

Wim De Witte - Program Director