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FFG en Voo?uit reveal VIDEODROOM 2021

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News 30 Jun 2021
Film Fest Ghent and Arts Centre Voo?uit are collaborating for the fourth time for a new edition of VIDEODROOM. In October the festival will present exclusive nights that are bringing live music and film together. VIDEODROOM is taking place from 13 till 23 October. Tickets are now available.

VIDEODROOM explores the universe at the intersection between live music, films and visuals. This edition lets you (re)discover the works by the most famous experimental filmmaker of all time: Stan Brakhage. Steve Gunn will write and perform a unique, intimate and one-off live score for Brakhage's silent film series Visions in Meditation. The programme also features a multi-sensory performance by KRANKk and Platform-K, and a live presentation of Belgian artist Robbing Millions' second album. The full programme will be revealed at the end of August.


RESET, by KRANKk i.s.m. Platform-K (opening) - 13.10 | 20:00

With RESET the KRANKk collective and dance company Platform-K is bringing a spectacular live opening show. All your senses will be needed! RESET is a story about isolation, individualism and the search for connection. It's a catharsis on the sound waves of the Antwerp-based band KRANKk and the dance moves of Platform-K and Rabbi Kinkela (Rabba). In RESET, the involvement of people with a physical or sensory disability is a key in experiencing art. RESET took shape during the Belgian lockdown. Platform-K is an organisation in residence at Voo?uit and was awarded the FEDORA Education Prize for its focus on inclusion.
Behind the scenes at KRANKk


Steve Gunn plays Stan Brakhage - 15.10 | 20:00

Steve Gunn is a renowned guitarist and songwriter, with a lot of releases under his belt. He just created a new live album which released in June. Exclusively for VIDEODROOM, Steve Gunn is putting his own work aside. He will write and perform a unique live score for four short films by master of cinema Stan Brakhage. Brakhage was an American filmmaker and one of the most important figures of 20th century experimental filmmaking. Great directors like Martin Scorsese and David Lynch, but also the band Sonic Youth have been influenced by him. The silent film series Visions in Meditation by Brakhage will be shown with a live score by Steve Gunn. A unique one-off!


HOLIDAYS INSIDE door Robbing Millions & 2F4F - 21.10 | 20:00

Who knows Belgian artist Lucien Fraipont, aka Robbing Millions? His first album - in 2016 - was internationally recognized, but it took him a few years to present another. During VIDEODROOM, Robbing Millions will perform his new album for the first time. Expect a fruit salad with a differente taste! He will be accompanied by the duo behind the label 2F4F (Katia Lecomte Mirsky & Daya Hallé).

VIDEODROOM is a yearly collaboration between Film Fest Ghent and Arts Centre Voo?uit. The full line-up will be revealed at the end of August.

VIDEODROOM 2021 takes place from 13 October till 21 October.



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