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Deadline for submission for Belgian Student Shorts postponed to 29 September

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News 13 May 2020
The ultimate deadline for submission for the competition of Best Belgian Student Short has been postponed from 7 to 29 September, due to the uncertainty caused by Covid-19. As such, Film Fest Ghent abides with the film schools who have postponed their deadlines for graduation projects, in order to accomodate students and future filmmakers.

For film students too, the current corona pandemic causes a lot of trouble in paradise. Considering the fact that a lot of shooting days had to be cancelled for graduation projects that will probably not be finished in time, different film schools (KASK, Sint-Lukas & RITCS) have already postponed their deadlines towards the end of the summer. Kortfilm.be published an extensive article on the various measures taken by film schools in order to support and facilitate their students throughout the process of finishing their first audiovisual productions.

This situation consequently also influences film festivals. While the European Film Academy (EFA) has exceptionally extended the eligibility rules for films participating in the European Film Awards, Film Fest Ghent also seeks to be flexible for young filmmakers. As such, the initial deadline for submission for the yearly competition for ‘Best Belgian Student Short’ was postponed from 7 to 29 September. Students who have finished, are asked to already submit their films, whereas those who face delays, are stimulated to send their work-in-progress, in order to make the newly configured procedure manageable.

In the meantime, the preparations of the 47th edition of Film Fest Ghent are continued seamlessly. Submitting for the prize for ‘Best Belgian Student Short’ (all official film schools in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) is still possible by sending the link to an online version of your film to the email address eindwerken@filmfestival.be. On the fifth of October, the official selection will be announced. The winner will be determined by a professional jury and will win a prize worth of 5000 euros. The list of previous winners of the contest comprises Karen Vázques Guadarrama (KASK), Lukas Dhont (KASK), Adil El Arbi en Bilall Fallah (LUCA). Do not hesitate and seize the opportunity! More information on how to submit your film can be found here.

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