Create your own VR-film!

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Tips 19 Aug 2019
Ready to make your own VR-film? Submit your application for the VR-workshop by Garage Stories en VRTL, starting on 20 September. Silicon Valley-based Garage Studios, specialised in organising VR-workshops, collaborates with VRTL, specialised in theoretical VR-courses, for this unique workshop.

During the Cinematic VR-workshop, you will get a theoretical course leading you from methodology to production on your very own project. The hands-on workshop lets you realise your own ideas under the guidance of a team of experts. The workshop will also see you enter a network of professional VR-creators!

After your application, even before the workshop kicks off, you will get access to a range of online course material by VRTL. Starting 20 September, the innovative workshop will teach you how to make a convincing, immersive, user-oriented story: from developing a script and arranging production sheets to efficient scouting and casting. Using state of the art 360° equipment, professional filmmakers will guide you through the filming and editing of your project.

Whether you have any experience in 360° and VR or not, the workshop is the perfect place for filmmakers and audiovisual professionals eager to discover the world of VR or those wanting to develop their skills even further.

On 12 October, the finished projects from the workshop will be showcased during Film Fest Gent 2019!

Submit your application for the workshop here!

In collaboration with VRTL / GARAGE STORIES / VAF / MEDIARTE