Catherine Deneuve graces the posters of the 41st Film Fest Gent

08 May 2014
Catherine Deneuve in all her glory and in one of her most famous roles. Who better than Deneuve in Belle de Jour (1967) as the incarnation of French cinema as we like it – chic, stylish, reserved, mysterious and a tad naughty?

That’s why we’ve chosen this image from one of Luis Buñuel’s late French masterpieces for the poster of the 41st Film Fest Gent, which features Focus on France as one of its main sections.

In this must-see cult film Deneuve plays Séverine, a wealthy, newly married physician’s wife who has masochistic fantasies and starts to lead a double life as a prostitute in a Parisian brothel (since she only works during the day her pseudonym is “Belle de jour”).

The poster shows how she secretly looks through a peephole in the wall to find out what clients in the next room are up to and learn the tricks of the trade. The fact that this image refers to the film as well as to the voyeuristic essence of watching films is a nice little extra.