43rd Film Fest Gent announces Belgian lineup

29 Aug 2016
Every year, Film Fest Gent strives to offer a platform for its domestic cinema. We are proud to announce that we will present no less than 9 new Belgian titles in different sections at this 43rd edition. These titles will receive their national or world premiere in Ghent.

Film Fest Gent’s artistic director Patrick Duynslaegher comments: “What is striking about this selection of 10 titles is that they demonstrate how rich, varied and diverse Belgian cinema is today. One rediscovered animation film may date from 1984, but the others relate to current topics, reveal young and up-and-coming talent, and are of relevance for the world we live in today. They also prove that Flemish and Belgian talent can excel in any thinkable genre, way of expression, style and format. Or how our southern neighbours would say: 'Vive la différence'.”

Belgian Cinema Today @ Film Fest Gent

1. ‘Arno Dancing inside My Head’ by Pascal Poissonnier
The documentary follows Arno during the recording sessions of his latest album ‘Human Incognito’ and on tour. An intimate peek into the 67-year-old, dancing and compulsive head of Belgium’s best-known rocker. (World premiere)

2. ‘Beau Séjour’ by Nathalie Basteyns & Kaat Beels
A ten-part drama series for Eén about a murdered girl who has to solve her own murder case. The series is a raw, contemporary whodunit with a surreal twist. (Belgian premiere of 2 episodes)

3. ‘Jan zonder Vrees’ by Jef Cassiers
The Belgian animation film from 1984 – an adaptation from the novel – is a classic about the Flemish folklore figure John the Fearless.

4. ‘Le Ciel Flamand’ by Peter Monsaert
The film focusses on the lives of three generations of women: Monique, Sylvie and Eline. A dramatic event jeopardises the certainties in their lives and puts their family ties under pressure. (Belgian premiere: will have its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival)

5. ‘LEFTO - In Transit’ by Kurt De Leijer
In this documentary series for Canvas, DJ Lefto takes us on a trip to different cities, which we get to discover via underground music. Watch the trailer HERE! (World premiere of 2 episodes)

6. ‘Home’ by Fien Troch
‘Home’ tells the story of a group of teenagers and the adults that surround them. Both groups find it difficult to communicate with each other and to understand each other’s world. This film will compete in the Official Competition. Watch the teaser HERE. (Belgian premiere: will have its world premiere at Venice and North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival)

7. ‘King of the Belgians’ by Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth
King Nicolas III and his entourage are stuck in Istanbul, when Belgium unexpectedly falls apart. They manage to flee the country and attempt to return home via the Balkans. Watch the trailer HERE. (Belgian premiere: will have its world premiere at Venice International Film Festival)

8. ‘My First Highway’ by Kevin Meul
In Kevin Meul's debut film we follow Benjamin during his family’s annual holiday. He falls in love with Annabel, who is beautiful and intriguing, but is he ready to be dragged into her adventure? (World premiere)

9. ‘Shadow World’ by Johan Grimonprez
In his most recent documentary ‘Shadow World’, Grimonprez reveals how the global arms trade determines, amongst others, global economy and foreign policy and how it undermines democracy. (Belgian premiere: had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival) Watch the trailer HERE.

The Belgian titles that will be screened at Film Fest Gent are divided into different sections: Official Competition, Galas & Specials, Global Cinema, Serial Madness, Sound & Vision and Classics.

The complete programme will be revealed on 22 September. More titles will be announced with the nominees for Best Belgian Student Short.

National film music will also have its spotlight at the World Soundtrack Awards Gala on 19 October at Capitole Gent. One composer will win the award for Best Original Score written for a Belgian Production. The three nominees will be announced on 22 September. Tickets for the Gala are available via sherpa.be.