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Paula Van Der Oest

Zus & Zo

Edition 2002
106' - 2001 - Fantasy, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Dutch, Portuguese, French, English
Director: Paula Van Der Oest Composer: Fons Merkies With: Sylvia Poorta, Anneke Blok, Monic Hendrickx
When Nino announces his engagement to his hip girlfriend Bo, his older sisters Wanda, Sonja and Michelle throw a fit. They all thought Nino was gay; and, more importantly, if he gets married he inherits Hotel Paraíso, the family’s coastal summer home. The sisters are prone to escaping their daily lives by slipping into elaborate dreamworlds which, in two out of three instances, involve affairs with their sister’s husbands. The other thing they have in common is a dream of moving to Portugal: Wanda wants to open a gallery; Sonja wants to move there with her husband; and Michelle wants to escape her role as busy wife, mother and head of a foundation for war orphans. The sisters realize that they have to act. They plot with gusto to sabotage the engagement, setting aside friendship and family as they rush into their individual schemes. These plans converge, however, when Bo invites them to Portugal to help her plan the wedding

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C2df0155 3b2f 4e60 ba80 b530ef9dae28



Paula Van Der Oest


Fons Merkies


Sylvia Poorta, Anneke Blok, Monic Hendrickx


Paula Van Der Oest

Director of Photography

Bert Pot


Sander Vos


Jacqueline de Goeij

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Dutch, Portuguese, French, English

Countries of production

The Netherlands



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