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Mattias Bavré


Edition 2023
50' - 2023 - Documentary - Dialogue: Ukrainian, Dutch, English
Director: Mattias Bavré Composer: Matthias Dewilde With: Zlata Levkovych, Iryna Levkovych, Martin Levkovych, Petro Levkovych
Bavré's feature debut is a remarkable portrait of a talented teenager living between heartbreaking homesickness for her homeland Ukraine and the mixed feelings caused by her adolescence.
In 2021, 12-year-old Zlata fled the war in her home country, Ukraine. Together with her mother and younger brother, she ended up in Ghent, Belgium, where she was initially taken in by filmmaker Mattias. Step by step, Zlata discovers her new environment, while missing her beloved cat Findus, who stayed behind in Ukraine along with her father Petro. Awaiting her father's uncertain arrival, how does Zlata cope with her changing environment? And will Zlata ever see her cat Findus again?
This impressive documentary, with its striking minimalistic and poetic approach, shows a face of the war that is often left unseen: that of how children and teenagers navigate through a tragedy that demands them to be stronger and more mature than they ever should be at their ages.

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Mattias Bavré


Matthias Dewilde


Zlata Levkovych, Iryna Levkovych, Martin Levkovych, Petro Levkovych


Mattias Bavré

Director of Photography

Mattias Bavré, Jolke Van Aerde


Elias Grootaers


Peter Brosens


Mattias Bavré

Production studios

Bo Films BVBA


Bo Films BVBA

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Ukrainian, Dutch, English

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Mattias Bavré
Inner Playgrounds (short, 2018), Taking Cover (short, 2018), Sirius (short, 2018), Nog een beetje kunnen zien (short, 2019), Aerodrome (short, 2019), Z bratem (short, 2021), Zlata (2023)

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