09 20 Oct '24
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Zara Dwinger

Kiddo (9+)

Edition 2023
91' - 2023 - Drama, Family - Dialogue: Dutch, Polish, English
Director: Zara Dwinger Composer: Jan van Exter With: Rosa van Leeuwen, Frieda Barnhard, Lidia Sadowa
Bonnie & Clyde forever! Zara Dwinger's debut feature is a quirky Dutch youth film that evokes the American road movies of yesteryear and pairs that with an honest mother-daughter portrait.

"Kiddo, this is a kidnap." Lu's mum is rather eccentric and especially ... absent. Lu lives with a foster family and has created a whole myth around her mother: A stuntwoman in Hollywood, she smells like oranges and communicates via the stars. But one day, Lu's long-lost mother shows up on her doorstep in her blue Chevrolet, ready to take her daughter on an absurd road trip that takes them from the Netherlands, along Polish motels and colourful car parks, to Lu's grandmother. Badass outlaws on the run (from reality), the duo explicitly mirror Bonnie & Clyde. The longer they are on the road, the more Lu realises that this life leads nowhere. In her debut feature, Dutch director Zara Winger aptly references classic American roadmovies in her playful, energetic style that cleverly supports a whimsical mother-daughter portrait, teaching us that motherhood is not "all or nothing".

"Zara Dwinger's charmer - a retro-flavoured and upbeat road movie where time is far from pressing for the protagonists - embraces the imagination and dreams of its [smitten child], taking it miles away - literally - from your typical social drama." - Cineuropa

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Zara Dwinger


Jan van Exter


Rosa van Leeuwen, Frieda Barnhard, Lidia Sadowa


Zara Dwinger, Nena van Driel

Director of Photography

Douwe Hennink


Fatih Tura


Layla Meijman, Maarten van der Ven


JEF vzw

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Dutch, Polish, English

Countries of production

The Netherlands




Zara Dwinger
Liv (short, 2016), Sirene (short, 2017), Yulia & Juliet (short, 2018), A Holiday from Mourning (short, 2020), The Girl Who Was Cursed (short, 2021), Kiddo (2023)

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