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Arnaud Demuynck, Rémi Durin

Yuku en de Himalayabloem (5+) (Yuku et la fleur de l'Himalaya)

Kidsproof 65' - 2022 - Animated film - Dialogue: Flemish version
Director: Arnaud Demuynck, Rémi Durin Composer: Alexandre Brouillard, David Rémy, Yan Volsy With: Lotte Villays, Peter Van de Velde, Anne Mie Gils, Gloria Monserez, Ini Massez, Bent Van Looy, Tine Embrechts, Pieter-Jan De Paepe, Juliette Couvreur, Ron Cornet, Ben Segers, Lucas Van den Eynde, Unique Flowers, Molly Baeken
Yuku, a little mouse, sings and plays his way from song to song in this vibrant adventure full of surprising encounters and catchy music.
Sun 16 Oct
Kinepolis 4
Subtitles: No subtitles

Kidsproof Zondag

Wed 19 Oct
Studio Skoop 1
Subtitles: No subtitles
Yuku, a cheerful little mouse, lives with her family in the basement of a castle – where the hungry cat is always lurking around the corner. As the eldest child, Yuku has to guard the food supply, but she would much rather listen to her grandmother, a master storyteller, to one day become a great storyteller herself. As the end of grandma's life approaches, it's time for Yuku's own story: the search for the Himalayan flower. Using her ukulele as a weapon, Yuku sets off on a musical journey where she meets a large rat, a crow, a rabbit, a squirrel and a fox, among others. Filled with catchy rhymes and charming, colourful characters, the first feature by Belgian Arnaud Demuynck (together with Rémi Durin) is an adventurous ode to how stories forever connect us.
"A story of friendship which proves enchanting on more than one level. There's plenty of good feeling, obstacles are overcome, life is tackled head-on, and complexes are chased away, making Yuku an inspiring heroine who (en)chants the lives of her young viewers." – Cineuropa

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Kidsproof Zondag (16 October - 14:00)

On Kidsproof Sunday you can meet the impressive Flemish voice cast, who bring the songs and characters to life with just as much musical talent as the main character: Tine Embrechts, Bent Van Looy, Gloria Monserez, Lucas Van den Eynde, Lotte Villays, Unique Flowers, Molly Baeken and director Arnaud Demuynck will be there to present the film. Afterwards, you can sing along with the songs from the film at the Film Fest Café during a mini-concert by Yuku (Lotte Villays), Eekhoorn (Bent Van Looy) and Vos (Tine Embrechts), among others! And there is much more to do. Immerse yourself in the world of Yuku with the interactive Gamelab by JEF or get into the skin of one of the characters by having yourself made up as one of the animals!

Film | 14:00

Concert | 15:45

Gamelab | 16:00



Arnaud Demuynck, Rémi Durin


Alexandre Brouillard, David Rémy, Yan Volsy


Lotte Villays, Peter Van de Velde, Anne Mie Gils, Gloria Monserez, Ini Massez, Bent Van Looy, Tine Embrechts, Pieter-Jan De Paepe, Juliette Couvreur, Ron Cornet, Ben Segers, Lucas Van den Eynde, Unique Flowers, Molly Baeken


Arnaud Demuynck


Arnaud Demuynck / La Boîte,… Productions, Patrick Quinet / Artémis Productions, Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois, Nicolas Burlet

Production studios

Artémis Productions, Les Films du Nord, La Boîte,… Productions, Vivement Lundi !, Nadasdy Film


JEF vzw

More information


Flemish version

Countries of production

Belgium, Switzerland, France




Arnaud Demuynck
The Lock (short, 2000), Signes de vie (short, 2004), À l'ombre du voile (short, 2006), L'évasion (short, 2007), La Vita Nuova (short, 2008), Sous un coin de ciel bleu (short, 2009), Mémoire fossile (short, 2009), Le concile lunatique (short, 2010), Through the Windows (short, 2012), Un spectacle interrompu (short, 2012), The Wind in the Reeds (short, 2017), Le Quatuor à cornes (short, 2018), Old Mother Snow (short, 2021), Grandir, c'est chouette (2021), Giuseppe et le fantôme de l'hiver (short, 2022), Yuku et la fleur de l'Himalaya (2022)

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