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Jonás Trueba

You Have to Come and See It (Tenéis que venir a verla)

Edition 2022
64' - 2022 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Jonás Trueba With: Itsaso Arana, Francesco Carril, Irene Escolar
Jonás Trueba only needs sixty minutes to make You Have to Come and See It a penetrating mumblecore film that reveals the dreams and fears of some thirty-somethings.
A winter night in Madrid: Elena and Dani, a couple in their thirties, are having dinner with another couple of friends of the same age, Susana and Guillermo, and they tell them about their new house, where they have recently moved to, on the outskirts of the city and close to the countryside. When they also announce that they are pregnant, everything seems to fit: new responsibilities and a change of life cycle. But Elena and Guillermo don't seem to be in the same place as their friends; although they promise to visit them soon, something seems to put distance between them, and it won't be until three months later, already in spring, when they finally go to their friends' house and spend a whole day with them…
"Jonás Trueba’s film You Have To Come And See It is about friends trying to bring each other into their new worlds, whether these are literal or ideological. It’s about longing for company, and wanting to cling to friendships that may have been closer in the past." - Deadline

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Jonás Trueba


Itsaso Arana, Francesco Carril, Irene Escolar


Jonás Trueba

Director of Photography

Santiago Racaj


Marta Velasco

Production studios

Los Ilusos Films

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Jonás Trueba
Every Song Is About Me (2010), The Wishful Thinkers (2013), The Romantic Exiles (2015), The Reconquest (2016), The August Virgin (2019), Who’s Stopping Us (2021), You Have to Come and See It (2022)

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