09 20 Oct '24
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Shinji Aoyama

Yokohama mike - A Forest with No Name (Shiritsu tantei Hama Maiku: Namae no nai mori)

71' - 2002 - Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: Shinji Aoyama Composer: Dowser With: Masatoshi Nagase, Kyôka Suzuki, Nene Ôtsuka
Mike Yokohama is a deadpan private detective hired by the father of a young woman who has left town for a retreat house, where she is on "a journey to self-discovery". His assignment is to get her out in time for her wedding to a man from a rich and respectable family. The cynical and wisecracking Mike joins the retreat. Instead of a name, he is given a number. Contact with the outside world is forbidden. He finds the daughter, who, at first, refuses to leave. But when her closest friend attempts suicide, she becomes disillusioned. The enigmatic doctor who runs the retreat house shows Mike to a place in the forest where there is a tree that looks just like him. Seeing it, she says, will put Mike in touch with his true desires. After accomplishing his mission, Mike finds he cannot shake the urge to return to the retreat house.

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Shinji Aoyama




Masatoshi Nagase, Kyôka Suzuki, Nene Ôtsuka


Shinji Aoyama, Kaizô Hayashi

Director of Photography

Tamra Masaki


Yûji Ohshige


Fujikado Hiroyuki, Horiguchi Yoshinori, Masuda Yasuhisa, Sento Takenori, Koga Shunsuke, Okano Akira, Hayashi Ayumi

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