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Rainer Simon

Wengler & Söhne (Wengler & Sons)

Edition 1988
139' - 1987 - Historical, Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Rainer Simon Composer: Reiner Bredemeyer With: Christoph Engel, Carl-Martin Spengler, Kathrin Waligura
The history of a German family, tracing the destiny of three generations of the Wenglers. It comprises the period from 1871 to 1945, from the foundation of the German Empire to the end of Nazi-Germany. Gustav Wengler, aged twenty, returning from the war against
the French to his native village in Thuringia, has to build up a new life. He goes to town, where he manages to work his way up from a conscientious and diligent worker to a respected master craftsman. His rise runs parallel to that of the mechanical and optical manufacturing firm Baerwolf und Abel to a large enterprise of world renown for German precision work. The ups and downs in the life of the Wenglers, of father, son and grandson, are interlaced with events in Germany.

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Rainer Simon


Reiner Bredemeyer


Christoph Engel, Carl-Martin Spengler, Kathrin Waligura


Rainer Simon, Helmut Bez

Director of Photography

Roland Dressel


Helga Gentz


Herbert Ehler

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Countries of production

East Germany



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