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Boro Draskovic, Boro Draskovic

Vukovar Poste Restante

Edition 1994
96' - 1994 - War, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Serbian
Director: Boro Draskovic, Boro Draskovic With: Mirjana Jokovic, Boris Isakovic, Svetlana Bojkovic
Vukovar, a small town on the border between Serbia and Croatia in what was once known as the country of Yugoslavia. A country now shattered, as is the town which lies in ruins. This is a typical love story between a Croatian woman and a Serbian man crowned by marriage. Their home is built with the help of their families and friends. The harmony of their life is brutally interrupted by the civil war. The couple and everyone around them are against their will, swept in the madness of religious and civil war that separates them from friends, families and each other. Apart, they grieve, long for each other and hope that eventually the madness will cease, so that, with their new-born baby, they can start all over again. Maybe.

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Boro Draskovic, Boro Draskovic


Mirjana Jokovic, Boris Isakovic, Svetlana Bojkovic

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