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Peter Kahane

Vorspiel (Prepared For Life)

Edition 1988
92' - 1987 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: German
Director: Peter Kahane Composer: Tomas Kahane, Karl-Ernst Sasse With: Hendrik Duryn, Susanne Hoss, Antje Straßburger
Tom, an apprentice, is very fond of women. He is fiddling about with girls, dresses them, undresses them, makes them the center of attention or simply puts them into the corner. Unfortunately these girls are nothing but display dummies. For Tom wants to become a window-dresser. As for real girls, however, he is less lucky. Until one day he struck by the lightning of love. He spots her only very shortly in a car, but immediately realizes that this will be the only woman he wants. Since he lives in a small town, he soon finds out that she is the daughter of the new museum manager, coming from Berlin. Now he pulls every stop to attract her attention. Skillfully he intends to use the favour of the father of his intended girl. So he pretends to be particularly interested in Japanese porcelaine painting. But his plan fails and moreover, there is a competitor ...

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Peter Kahane


Tomas Kahane, Karl-Ernst Sasse


Hendrik Duryn, Susanne Hoss, Antje Straßburger


Peter Kahane, Thomas Knauf

Director of Photography

Andreas Koefer


Ilse Peters


Uwe Kraft

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Countries of production

East Germany



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