09 20 Oct '24
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Daniel Alfredson

Vildhundarna (Straydogs)

93' - 1999 - Drama - Dialogue: English, Swedish
Director: Daniel Alfredson Composer: Jason Mayo With: Mark Bagnall, Kevin Knapman, Michael Legge
The film is set in an unidentified country at an unspecified time: The war outside could be an apocalypse, or just a civil war. Niko, a 16-year-old on the run, stumbles onto three youths - Leo, Anna and Thomas- who live in an underground bunker. They first take Niko prisoner and torture him, but soon accept him as one of them. Led by the dictatorial Leo, the trio claim to have been assigned to the bunker by a far-away command HQ and to be awaiting further orders. They survive by occasional trips outside, robbing corpses and sometimes stealing from the wounded. Niko’s presence becomes a challenge to Leo and a catalyst for the group’s dissolution. (Gunnar Rehlin, Variety)

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743832e2 b075 42dc bfd3 c3006bcf846d



Daniel Alfredson


Jason Mayo


Mark Bagnall, Kevin Knapman, Michael Legge


Hans Renhäll

Director of Photography

Peter Mokrosinski


Adam Ross


Malte Forssell, Anna Croneman

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English, Swedish

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