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Günther Scholz

Vernehmung der Zeugen (Interrogation of the Witnesses)

Edition 1988
85' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Günther Scholz Composer: Friedbert Wissmann With: René Steinke, Christine Schorn, Franz Viehmann
Pupil Rainer Gebhardt was killed by six knife-stabs in his chest. He was murdered by his class mate Maximilian Klapproth. How could this incredible thing have happened? There is Maximilian's mother, a respected physician, dedicated to her profession which she acquired with difficulty late in life. That is why her son grew up in Berlin with his grandmother. He felt at home with her, affectionately addressing her by her first name, Lotte . His mother, alone for long years following her divorc, had always dreamed of renewed happiness with a family. At last she feels that her dream has been fulfilled. Her new husband makes every endeavour to ensure that they should quickly be able to move into the new house. He also tries hard to win the boy's sympathy, but in vain. The boy reluctantly follows his mother to the small town and feels an unwanted ballast in the new 'family idyll'. Then there is the young, unexperienced school teacher Frau Schulen berg. She uses his arrival to separate the 'class couple' Rainer and Viola ...

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Günther Scholz


Friedbert Wissmann


René Steinke, Christine Schorn, Franz Viehmann


Günther Scholz, Manfred Richter, Thea Richter

Director of Photography

Claus Neumann


Christiane Schoene


Uwe Kraft

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Countries of production

East Germany

Screenplay based on

"Die Vernehmung der Zeugen" (Inge Meyer)



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