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Can Togay

Un hiver au bout du monde (Egy tél az Isten háta mögött)

Edition 1999
107' - 1999 - Drama - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Can Togay Composer: János Másik With: Matej Matejka, Florence Pernel, Károly Eperjes
Cut off from TV and newspapers, the inhabitants of a mountain village are unaware of what is happening in the rest of the world. During the wintermonths cinema is their only form of entertainment. Unfortunately, the film courier suffers a fatal accident, but a young boy named Ladu, a born storyteller, is able to make use of long-abandoned pieces of film found in a storeroom. He re-edits various film classics in the cellar of the pub with Lina, the wife of the cinema owner, and provides them with a fantastic story line. In pring the first man comes to the valley. It seems that a lot of things have happened during the long wintermonths…

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56208e9f ada8 4eb5 8359 674b554f32e6



Can Togay


János Másik


Matej Matejka, Florence Pernel, Károly Eperjes


Can Togay

Director of Photography

Gábor Balog, Sándor Kardos


Ágnes Ostoros, Marie-France Poulizac


Kálmán Balogh, László Sipos

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Countries of production

Belgium, Hungary, France



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