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Bertrand Van Effenterre


Edition 1990
91' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Bertrand Van Effenterre With: Bruno Cremer, Nelly Borgeaud, Julie Jézéquel
Patrick is dead. His loss brings together the family In the parent's home In Brittany. There Is the mother: her son's death has grieved her into madness. And the father, who immerse himself in silence. And above all, the 3 sisters, who had not met for years, Anne, who takes her part as the eldest very seriously and hides her helplessness behind the façade of trite dille talk, Isabelle, the rebel, who has been at odds with the world since she was a teenager and whose life Is drifting away from failure to failure, and Claude, the youngest, Patrick's twin sister, who cannot quite come to terms with the loss of her other half.

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82f47b24 bfde 463e b392 3f02e324acb1
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Bertrand Van Effenterre


Bruno Cremer, Nelly Borgeaud, Julie Jézéquel


Bertrand Van Effenterre, Claire Alexandrakis

Director of Photography

Yves Angelo


Joële Van Effenterre


Bertrand Van Effenterre

Non-original music

Luigi Cherubini

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Countries of production

Belgium, France



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