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Aki Kaurismäki

Tulitikkutehtaan Tyttö (I Hired a Contract Killer)

Director Aki Kaurismäki Cast Kati Outinen, Elina Salo, Esko Nikkai
Edition 1990
69' - 1989 - Drama - Dialogue: Finnish
Kaurismäki shows that nothing surpasses simplicity, morally as well as stylistically. He has done away with every unnecessary element, including every bit of non-essential dialogue. His narrative ellipses are so clear that he can dispense with every linking device in developing his story and does not even need to show its outcome. Iris is a factory worker who is exploited by the whole world. Kaurismäki does not refer to her employer but to those who are closer; her mother and her stepfather, who pocket her salary, and later the man who Iris, deluded by dime navels, takes to be her Prince Charming...

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Aki Kaurismäki


Kati Outinen, Elina Salo, Esko Nikkai


Aki Kaurismäki

Director of Photography

Timo Salminen


Aki Kaurismäki


Aki Kaurismäki

Non original music

Reijo Taipale, Mauri Sumén, Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski

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Aki Kaurismäki
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