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Sergey Snezhkin

Tsvety kalenduly (Marigolds in Flowers)

Edition 1999
120' - 1999 - Drama - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Sergey Snezhkin Composer: Aleksandr Knaifel With: Era Ziganshina, Marina Solopchenko, Kseniya Rappoport
The setting is the country house, or dacha, of the 80-year-old widow of a poet who achieved fame and fortune under the Communists. But in today’s world, making ends meet for the old lady, her much-married daughter Serafina, and her three granddaughters - each of whom has a different father - is quite a problem. So there is consternation when the old lady announces that she plans to bequeath the dacha, and its spacious garden filled with pine trees, to a museum being established in memory of her late husband. Serafima and her three daughters, Anna, Elena and Masha, had expected to inherit the house, sell it and divide the spoils. Now they face an impoverished future, unless grandma can be persuaded to change her mind - or unless she dies before she changes her will.

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Sergey Snezhkin


Aleksandr Knaifel


Era Ziganshina, Marina Solopchenko, Kseniya Rappoport


Sergey Snezhkin, Mikhail Konovalchuk

Director of Photography

Artyom Melkumyan, Aleksandr Ustinov


Yelena Karelina


Aleksandr Golutva, Grigori Nikulin, Viktor Sergeev

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