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Park Jin-Pyo

Too Young to Die (Jukeodo joha)

Edition 2002
67' - 2002 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Park Jin-Pyo Composer: Ki-heon Park With: Sun-ye Lee, Chi-gyu Park
This film is closely based on real life, and its two protagonists are real people re-enacting incidents and episodes from their actual relationship. Park Chi-gyu and Lee Sun-ye are in their seventies. Both having lost their spouses, and both having experienced terrible loneliness and isolation, they irresistibly fall in love in a home for the elderly, as if destiny were bringing them together. They decide to live together and their love grows through singing, learning and love making, which is often regarded as impossible for the elderly. With a rediscovery of and a zest for life, they feel too young to die.

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Park Jin-Pyo


Ki-heon Park


Sun-ye Lee, Chi-gyu Park

Director of Photography

Yong-woo Chung


In-Dae Moon


Hong-baek Kim

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Countries of production

South Korea



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