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Esmé Lammers

Tom & Thomas

110' - 2002 - Family - Dialogue: English
Director: Esmé Lammers Composer: Paul M. van Brugge With: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ryan Nelson, Sean Bean
Tom and Thomas are twins who were separated soon after they were born. Living in different environments and without actually knowing each other, they have always been aware of the other's existence. To celebrate their ninth birthday, the boys visit the impressive mirror maze in the Science Museum. There, the children come face to face with each other for the first time, their images reflected in the mirrors. They want to stay together forever, but this isn't easy. Nobody is supposed to know where Tom is, as he is on the run from some child smugglers who operate their business from his boys' home. The smugglers mistake Thomas for Tom and attempt to get him out of the country on a plane. Tom, who has not intention of losing his brother finds himself in the middle of a smuggling operation and it takes all his efforts to reunite with his brother and bring together a family. (press kit)

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Esmé Lammers


Paul M. van Brugge


Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ryan Nelson, Sean Bean


Esmé Lammers

Director of Photography

Marc Felperlaan


Bert Rijkelijkhuizen


Laurens Geels, Dick Maas

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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