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Aleksandr Sokurov

Tikhie stranitsy (Whispering Pages)

Director Aleksandr Sokurov Cast Aleksandr Cherednik, Elizaveta Koroleva, Sergey Barkovskiy
Edition 1994
77' - 1994 - Drama - Dialogue: Russian
Slow, mediative pans reveal docks, arches, poor housing, a government office and a short violent street scene; noisy groups of people, but above all silent individuals, deep in thought - members of the lower-middle class, clerks, beggars, prostitutes and murderers. Quotes from Russian 19th century literature (Gogol, Gorky, Ostrovsky and especially Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment) create an associative world of images powered by internal dramaturgy and evocative power. The film's purpose is to make the viewer reflect sensitively on the eternal subject of crime and punishment but also on the social and religious significance of life.

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Aleksandr Sokurov


Aleksandr Cherednik, Elizaveta Koroleva, Sergey Barkovskiy


Yuriy Arabov, Andrey Chernykh

Director of Photography

Aleksandr Burov


Leda Semyonova


Vladimir Fotiyev, Martin Hagemann, Thomas Kufus

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Countries of production

Russia, Germany

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Aleksandr Sokurov
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