09 20 Oct '24

Frank Foster

The Story of Computer Graphics

Edition 1999
93' - 1999 - Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Frank Foster Composer: Paul Haslinger With: Leonard Nimoy, Robert Abel, Norman Badler

Part informative history and part industrial film, this documentary presents a useful overview of the technology that is rapidly overtaking the world of mainstream visual entertainment. The film begins by laying out the Cold War-inspired political and military motivations behind the technology race and development of computers. For an audience unacquainted with the origins of the computer revolution, this early material, which is illustrated by archive footage as well as many original computer-spawned images, proves fascinating. Nearly all pioneers of the movement who appear on-camera are mild-mannered, articulate middle-aged men, but archival footage reveals them almost uniformly to have once been freaks, geeks and misfits of the first order.

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Frank Foster


Paul Haslinger


Leonard Nimoy, Robert Abel, Norman Badler


Frank Foster, Walt Bransford, Steve Komen, Judson Rosebush, Steve Silas

Director of Photography

Bob Carr, Tony Foresta, Andrew Sobkovich


Steve Silas

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Countries of production

United States of America



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