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Kitty Green

The Royal Hotel

Director Kitty Green Composer Jed Palmer Cast Julia Garner, Jessica Henwick, Herbert Nordrum, Hugo Weaving
91' - 2023 - Thriller - Dialogue: English
A nail-biting experience awaits with the nerve-wracking The Royal Hotel as backpackers find themselves caught among the unruly pub-goers. After The Assistant director Kitty Green and actress Julia Garner are here to make you uncomfortable again in this Australian nightmare.
With her gripping fiction debut The Assistant (FFG2020), Australian filmmaker Kitty Green firmly established herself in the thriller genre. For her next endeavor The Royal Hotel she once again puts actress Julia Garner in a tense situation in a toxic male-dominated culture, this time accompanied by Jessica Henwick. Garner and Henwick play American friends who, while backpacking and broke in Australia, take on temporary work at the remote bar of a desolate mining town. Instead of encountering kangaroos, the two mainly interact with the local clientele, reminiscent of the cult classic Wake in Fright. Green sharpens genre conventions and violence in this muscular outback nightmare inspired by the documentary(!) Hotel Coolgardie. Featuring one of everyone's favorite villains, Hugo 'Agent Smith' Weaving. The Royal Hotel will make your blood boil and freeze.
“Kitty Green reunites with The Assistant star Julia Garner in the riveting thriller The Royal Hotel. Garner and Jessica Henwick lead the way with guts and muscle in this unnerving and atmospheric genre exercise. (...) It’s evident Green thinks cinematically in the old-school sense.” - TheWrap

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D6afa3a5 b940 444a 85eb 26b7ec1f8830



Kitty Green


Jed Palmer


Julia Garner, Jessica Henwick, Herbert Nordrum, Hugo Weaving


Kitty Green, Oscar Redding

Director of Photography

Michael Latham


Kasra Rassoulzadegan


Iain Canning, Kath Shelper, Emile Sherman, Liz Watts

Production studios

See Saw Films


Universal Pictures USA

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Countries of production

Australia, United Kingdom




Kitty Green
Ukraine Is Not a Brothel (2013), The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul (short, 2015), Casting JonBenet (2017), The Assistant (2019), The Royal Hotel (2023)