Frank Simon

The Queen

Director Frank Simon Cast Jack Doroshow, International Chrysis, Jim Dine
68' - 1968 - Documentary - Dialogue: English
The 1967 Miss All-America Camp Beauty Pageant, a nationwide contest for drag queens held in New York City, is presented, including the behind the scenes logistics by both the organizers, led by Jack Doroshow who performs under the drag persona "Flawless Sabrina" and who also acts as the pageant Mistress of Ceremonies, and the twenty-eight contestants. From the organizers' perspective, the logistics chiefly surround trying to find space, not only to accommodate everyone, but one that is safe as the act of drag is still considered criminal in certain states. Their collective story does not end with the announcement of the pageant winner. Beyond the pageant itself, the contestants speak candidly about certain issues in relation to being involved in the world of drag: what it takes to prepare oneself for show as a drag queen; their homosexual orientation, most identifying as gay; their non-drag life especially during this time of conscription; and why most would not even consider gender reassignment surgery despite their attraction to dressing up as glamorous women.

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Frank Simon


Jack Doroshow, International Chrysis, Jim Dine

Director of Photography

Robert Elfstrom, Frank Simon


Geraldine Fabrikant, Fred Shore


Don Herbert, Si Litvinoff

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United States of America