08 19 Oct '24
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Walerian Borowczyk

Le Phonographe (The Phonograph)

6' - 1969 - Animated film
Director: Walerian Borowczyk
An old phonograph assembles itself, plays songs on wax drums before self destructing. In many ways The Phonograph is a companion piece to Renaissance, there is nevertheless something quietly affecting about Borowczyk’s final ‘object’ animation. Through a succession of loving closeups, there is a sense of both a love of craftsmanship not to mention a nostalgia for a bygone (i.e. pre-War) age. Look out for cameos of the phonograph in Borowczyk’s subsequent live action films (A Private Collection, The Story of Sin and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne).

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36b7173e 2781 49b9 bd57 3480fb69a0a2



Walerian Borowczyk


Walerian Borowczyk

Director of Photography

Guy Durban


Claude Blondel


Dominique Duvergé

Production studios

Pantaleon Films

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