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Peter Graham

Au bout des fusils

Director Peter Graham
11' - 1972 - Documentary, Short
Deciding to spend the night watching all of Walerian Borowczyk's shorts on Arrow's Blu-Ray's, I checked to see what short was on the Blanche disc. Intrigued to find this was a title he was involved in, but did not direct, I went down to the coup. View on the short:Lying to the farm that he was going to shoot just a simple documentary, director Peter Graham opens the cages to a harrowing presentation, hitting the arrogance of the bourgeoisie with title cards such as calling the birds "The Privilege Prisoners", whose only privilege the hunters give is holding them in cages, leaving them with no chance to fly away from a hunt.Revealed in a interview with Graham that they had arguments over placing a barking dog sound on the ending as the "hounds" drive off, cinematographer/editor Walerian Borowczyk makes his mark felt in criss-crossing cuts between the abused animals and the hunters, which is chopped down by a uncomfortable genteel cut-away held at gunpoint.

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Peter Graham

Director of Photography

Walerian Borowczyk, Guy Durban, Roland Pontoizeau, Noël Véry


Walerian Borowczyk, Aurélie Ricard

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