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Yan Nascimbene

The Mediterranean

Edition 1982
87' - 1982 - Dialogue: English
Director: Yan Nascimbene Composer: Martin Bresnick With: Stuart Schwarz, Conrad Selvig
The Mediterranean is the story of an artist who dreams of his formerly-happy life ten years earlier in Antibes on the south of France where he first met his wife, fell in love and created paintings that he was proud of. Now his life feels empty and without meaning and his art is stymied. He decides a change of scenery is in order and decides to move with his wife and their young daughter to a bucolic ranch in the hills of central California. What follows is his attempt to pull together the pieces of his life into some semblance of what they had before.

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Yan Nascimbene


Martin Bresnick


Stuart Schwarz, Conrad Selvig


Yan Nascimbene

Director of Photography

John V. Fante


Susan Slanhoff

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Countries of production

United States of America



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