09 20 Oct '24
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Mark Cousins

The March on Rome (Marcia su Roma)

98' - 2022 - War, Historical, Documentary - Dialogue: Italian, English
Director: Mark Cousins With: Alba Rohrwacher
Mark Cousins exposes all the lies about the March on Rome in this critical and ambitious documentary.
Through little-seen archival material and his characteristically cinematic analysis, Mark Cousins narrates the ascent of fascism in Italy and its fall-out across 1930s Europe. In The March on Rome, which is simultaneously an essay film and a historical document, Cousins contextualises history through the here and now, holding a mirror up to a political landscape marked by a creeping far right and manipulated media.
"Mark Cousins dissects Mussolini and the grisly founding myth of fascism in his trademark subjective style, using archive and contemporary footage to show the dictator's dishonesty and brutality. The eloquence of the film is invigorating – and educational." - The Guardian

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Mark Cousins


Alba Rohrwacher


Mark Cousins, Tony Saccucci

Director of Photography

Timoty Aliprandi


Timo Langer


Carlo Degli Esposti, Nicola Serra

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Italian, English

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Mark Cousins
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