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Suzanne Raes

Twee mannen (Two Men)

Edition 2022
73' - 2022 - Documentary - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Suzanne Raes With: Ivo Van Hove, Jan Versweyveld
"I want to make the best theatre in the world. That is my ambition. And that is what Jan wants too." A portrait of Ivo Van Hove, internationally the most highly regarded stage director of the Low Countries. And of his partner in love and work, scenographer Jan Versweyveld.

Ivo Van Hove is a world famous theatre director. The role of his partner, scenographer Jan Versweyveld is less known. The couple worked together for more than 40 years. Two Men focuses on the microcosm of their collaboration and unravels the story of a love that is uniquely sustained by creating great theatre together.

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Suzanne Raes


Ivo Van Hove, Jan Versweyveld


Suzanne Raes

Director of Photography

Joost Van Herwijnen


Patrick Janssens


Ilja Roomans

Production studios

Docmakers, Docmakers

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Countries of production

The Netherlands




Suzanne Raes
Haagse klasse (1999), Pijn (2005), The Houses of Hristina (2008), The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island (2009), Hou me vast - De Dijk (2011), The Successor of Kakiemon (2012), De Mooiste Jongen van de Klas (2013), Don't Shoot the Messenger (2013), Vleesverlangen (2015), Boudewijn de Groot - Kom nader (2015), 0,03 Seconde (2017), Ganz: How I Lost My Beetle (2019), MS (2019), Hart van de democratie (2020), Jochem Myjer - Nog Eentje Dan (2020), Hier zijn wij (2021), Two Men (2022)

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