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Jonathan Demme

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Director Jonathan Demme Composer Rachel Portman Cast Denzel Washington, Liev Schreiber, Meryl Streep
Edition 2024
129' - 2004 - Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: English

In this second film adaptation of Richard Condon's provocative novel, the danger no longer comes from the communists, but from the power of big business in Bush and Dick Cheney's America. Director Jonathan Demme wisely carved his own path, making a sly and highly entertaining modern conspiracy thriller.

In the second version of Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate, set in the early 2000s - the George W. Bush era - the global danger is no longer coming from communists but from the dictatorship of big business, the multinationals that profit from war. The title no longer refers to Manchuria but to the sinister Manchurian Global, a fictional investment fund (echoes of Halliburton and the Carlyle Group) that tries to take control of the White House by implanting a chip in the brain of Congressman Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber), who is thus to become the first remotely controlled vice president of the US in the first corporate coup. This is all done with the knowledge of his emasculating mother Eleanor Shaw, a reactionary senator and uber-bitch, a role Meryl Streep eagerly sinks her teeth into.

Tickets & screenings: from 19 September 2024.

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Jonathan Demme


Rachel Portman


Denzel Washington, Liev Schreiber, Meryl Streep


Daniel Pyne, Dean Georgaris

Director of Photography

Tak Fujimoto


Carol Littleton, Craig McKay


Jonathan Demme, Ilona Herzberg, Scott Rudin, Tina Sinatra

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Countries of production

United States of America

Screenplay based on

"The Manchurian Candidate" (Richard Condon); "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962, John Frankenheimer)