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George Hickenlooper

The Man from Elysian Fields

Edition 2002
106' - 2001 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: George Hickenlooper Composer: Anthony Marinelli With: Andy Garcia, Mick Jagger, Julianna Margulies
Though happily married with a young child, Byron Tiller is struggling to make ends meet as a novelist. His last work, called "Hitler's Child," had an ignoble run in the bookstore bargain bins and his editor is not interested in his latest work about migrant workers. One day, he is approached by the elegant Luther Fox, who actually read Tiller's last opus. Luther explains that he runs a male escort agency named Elysian Fields, which caters to rich, sophisticated women looking for intelligent companionship. Fox knows that Byron’s dark good looks and nimble mind will make him the perfect companion for lonely women. Desperate for any kind of income source, Tiller takes the job while keeping the whole thing a secret from his loving wife. He soon is rubbing elbows with Andrea, the beautiful wife of aging Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tobias Alcott. Gradually, Tiller finds himself immersed in this strange new world that he cannot quite understand, much less explain to his spouse. (Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide)

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George Hickenlooper


Anthony Marinelli


Andy Garcia, Mick Jagger, Julianna Margulies


Phillip Jayson Lasker

Director of Photography

Kramer Morgenthau, Kramer Morgenthau


Michael Brown


Andy Garcia, David Kronemeyer, Andrew Pfeffer, Donald Zuckerman

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Countries of production

United States of America



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