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Terence Davis

The Long Day Closes

85' - 1992 - Drama, Biography, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Terence Davis Composer: Bob Last / Django Films With: Leigh McCormack, Marjorie Yates, Anthony Watson
The Long Day Closes is the story of eleven-year-old "Bud." A sad and lonely boy, Bud struggles through his days. With cinema as his main source of solace, he haunts the local movie-house. All the while, his family looms large in our peripheral vision as do the menacing bullies of his school, but Bud is the center of attention both from the camera's angle and from his doting family. With a gray background, the film fuses clips and audio from classic movies into Bud's dreary childhood and brings it to life with an elegance Bach would bring to your home movies. The overall effect is a montage of memory which seems to ignite flashes of recognition in the viewer.

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Terence Davis


Bob Last / Django Films


Leigh McCormack, Marjorie Yates, Anthony Watson


Terence Davies

Director of Photography

Michael Coulter


William Diver

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United Kingdom




Terence Davies
Children (short, 1976), Madonna and Child (short, 1980), Death and Transfiguration (short, 1983), The Terence Davies Trilogy (1983), Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988), The Long Day Closes (1992), The Neon Bible (1995), House of Mirth (2000), Of Time and the City (2008), The Deep Blue Sea (2011), Sunset Song (2015), A Quiet Passion (2016), But Why? (short, 2021), Benediction (2021)

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