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James Moll

The Last Days

Director James Moll Composer Hans Zimmer Cast Bill Basch, Martin Basch, Randolph Braham
87' - 1998 - War, Documentary - Dialogue: Hungarian, German, English
This documentary film traces the experiences of five Hungarians who fell victim to Adolf Hitler’s final genocidal push at the end of World War II. Even in 1944, when it became clear that Germany would lose the war, Hitler and his supporters escalated their efforts to exterminate the largest remaining Jewish population in Europe - the Jews of Hungary. From the villages of Carpathia to the cosmopolitan city of Budapest, the Holocaust ravaged Hungary and filled the Auschwitz death camp beyond capacity. From ghettoization to deportation and life in the camps, gripping eyewitness testimony and never-before-seen archival footage drive this film, which is completed by a fascinating interview with a former Nazi doctor from Auschwitz.

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James Moll


Hans Zimmer


Bill Basch, Martin Basch, Randolph Braham

Director of Photography

Harris Done


James Moll


June Beallor, Ken Lipper

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Hungarian, German, English

Countries of production

United States of America