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Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler

The Last Broadcast

Edition 1999
86' - 1998 - Mystery, Horror - Dialogue: English
Director: Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler Composer: Stefan Avalos, A.D. Roso With: Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler, David Beard
A locally popular duo that makes the programme “Fact or Fiction” for local TV, heads off into the forest of New Jersey to report live on a satanic legend. Two fans they met on the Internet accompany them as their assistants. Only one of the four returns alive, with the blood of the others on his clothes. The survivor is automatically blamed for the gruesome murders of the other three. However when he dies in mysterious circumstances in jail, film-maker David Leigh launches a thorough investigation, and decides to go through the footage shot by the TV makers with a fine toothed comb. “The Last Broadcast” is a digital film in every respect. It was shot on digital video, edited on a PC, and sent to Ghent by satellite.

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Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler


Stefan Avalos, A.D. Roso


Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler, David Beard


Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler

Director of Photography

Lance Weiler


Stefan Avalos

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United States of America



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