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Kristian Levring

The King Is Alive

Director Kristian Levring Composer Derek Thompson Cast Miles Anderson, Romane Bohringer, David Bradley
110' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: French, English
Shot against the barren sand dunes of Africa's Namib Desert, The King Is Alive is the fourth film to adhere to the stripped-down aesthetic of the Dogma 95 movement, and the first to bear the directorial stamp of the manifesto's co-author Kristian Levering. The improvised, shot-on-digital video production concerns the exploits of almost a dozen tourists who find themselves stranded when their bus breaks down miles from civilization. A thespian amongst the group, Henry, is the first to suggest that their situation may be more dire than it seems. His doubts send the rest of the folks - including American travelers Ray, Liz, Ashley, and Gina, and the high-minded Parisian Catherine - into fits of fear and dread. To get their minds off the heat, hunger, and dehydration, the castaways stage an impromptu reading of Shakespeare's King Lear, which they can only fitfully remember. (Michael Hastings)

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Kristian Levring


Derek Thompson


Miles Anderson, Romane Bohringer, David Bradley


Kristian Levring, William Shakespeare, Anders Thomas Jensen

Director of Photography

Jens Schlosser


Nicholas Wayman Harris


Patricia Kruijer, Vibeke Windeløv

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French, English

Countries of production

South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Screenplay based on

"King Lear" (William Shakespeare)