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James Ivory

The Europeans

Edition 1980
90' - 1979 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: German, French, English
Director: James Ivory Composer: Richard Robbins With: Lee Remick, Robin Ellis, Wesley Addy

It's the mid-nineteenth century. Adult siblings Felix Young and Eugenia Munster were born and raised in Europe and have a somewhat bohemian lifestyle reflective of their travels throughout Europe. Felix, who has little money, is interested in painting and the arts. Eugenia is a baroness by marriage. They decide to travel to New England to meet their maternal uncle and their three cousins, the Wentworths, for the first time, the Wentworths who live just outside of Boston. The Wentworths are highly puritanical, the uncle in particular who looks to a neighbor, Mr. Brand, to provide a moral compass to his three children, especially the shy Gertrude, who Mr. Brand wants to marry. The Wentworths are somewhat suspicious as to the reason for their relatives' visit, but nonetheless the uncle puts them up in a neighboring house on their property. While Felix enjoys the company of his cousins - especially Gertrude - Eugenia is a bit more standoffish and cognizant of the real reason for their trip to the United States. For Eugenia, another of their uncle's cousins, a Mr. Robert Acton, may just fit the bill related to her goal, which concerns her current marriage and financial security.

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James Ivory


Richard Robbins


Lee Remick, Robin Ellis, Wesley Addy


Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

Director of Photography

Larry Pizer


Humphrey Dixon


Ismail Merchant

More information


German, French, English

Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"The Europeans" (Henry James)



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