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Liu Yi-hung

The Emperor's Adventures in Hsi Hu (Qiánlóng yóu Xīhú)

Edition 1995
108' - 1995 - Historical - Dialogue: Taiwanese
Director: Liu Yi-hung With: Li Tien-lu, Li Chuan-tsan, Wu Jung-chang
During their journey to Southern China, the Emperor Chien Long and his servant Guo are being robbed. For this reason they have an argument with an inn keeper because they cannot pay for their room and board. Kong Hua Rai, a local wood chopper, helps them settle the argument and pays the inn keeper. Then Kong invites the Emperor and Guo to stay at his house. The Emperor gives Kong the "Rainbow Rope" - a national treasure - and asks him to pawn it. After they return to the capital, the Emperor sends Guo back to retrieve it, but when Guo goes back to the pawn shop he is being tricked by the pawn shop owner.

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3108ee51 e070 4eed abdc ee8f344f0f80



Liu Yi-hung


Li Tien-lu, Li Chuan-tsan, Wu Jung-chang


Chang Yue-er

Director of Photography

Lu Chun-ming


Chen Sheng-chang, Lei Sheng-ching, Hsiao-Tong Chen


Hwa-Kun Chang

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